Friday, January 17, 2014

We Love a Gorgeous Gooey Mess

One of our favorite recipes/experiments/messes to create is from the fantastic book - The Ultimate Book of Kid Concoctions.  Gooey Gunk!  Littlest especially is into hands on, sensory play, and she allowed me to photograph her process.  We even extended the activity into two hours of creative play by adding some animal toys!  Enjoy!

                                   So here is the product, once the two solutions were combined...

                           I brought out the box of animal toys and Littlest decided to make lizard prints...

                                                       ...which would fade away slowly...

                                                                Zebra needed a turn!

Fashionable, no?

Lest anyone thinks life is easy around here...she also decided to put some in her hair.  Her reasons for doing this were not readily apparent.  At least she stayed in good spirits.  Have fun and let me know about creative ways you've combined toys with activities for your littles!


  1. I've not made such goop, though it looks cool. We do often have animals in our homemade pink glitter playdough, much in the same way. I love that the prints slowly disappear. That's cool.

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