Monday, February 22, 2016

I've gone undercover

This year is all about internal focus.  I made the gigantic leap off of Facebook, and quickly realized within a few, cold January days that it takes most people much longer to email back a response than it did to Facebook message and that I would initially replace the newsfeed addiction with endless open tabs of blogs and websites, the information flow never, ever enough.

It's tempting to be audience focused, though, to write something here or in another capacity that will make people think or laugh or wonder.  But that's not my resolution.  My 2016 resolution is to go deeply internal for twelve months, to enter the quiet solitude necessary for the development of voice and style.  I checked back in with my old blog here to see how long it had been since I'd written...nearly two years.  Facebook had replaced anything of value written here.

So...I'm writing this now to remind myself not to produce anything this year for an audience's approval.  Or an audience's criticism, actually.  I currently have a small art show for April lined up at a restaurant in a city near me that I'm going to cancel, which may seem counter-intuitive.  I'm also working on a year-long writing project that NO ONE knows anything about.  Not even my husband. And I'm not telling anyone, either.  

There's something appealing about the creative monkishness of my year.  I feel swathed in a long, brown robe, maybe a nun's habit.  Rosary swinging from my hip.  Eyes cast down.  Cast inward, mining treasure.